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Please answer all of the following questions: (Make sure you proofread and use complete sentences)These should be elaborate thoughts, not one sentence responses!

1) After viewing Mr. Fisch's world-renown "Did you Know/Shift Happens" PowerPoint, what ideas strike you about the facts presented?
How does this make you think about the world and your place in it? How could this data impact you?

2) Also, what did Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes" make you think about perseverance, hard work, potential, etc...? How can you apply what you saw from his adventures, doing bike tricks, to your own life?

3) See below:

Definitions Taken From Mindsets The New Psychology Of Success By Carol Dweck

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Fixed Mindset Defined:
“The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life.  It can determine whether you become the person you want to be and whether you accomplish the things you value.  How does this happen?  How can a simple belief have the power to transform your psychology and, as a result, your life?  Believing that your qualities are carved in stone-the fixed mindset-creates an urgency to prove yourself over and over” (Dweck 6).

File:Thinking Man.jpg

Growth Mindset Defined:
“This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts.  Although people may differ in every which way-in their initial talents and aptitudes, interests, or temperaments-everyone can change and grow through application and experience” (Dweck 7).

“The passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, even (or especially) when it’s not going well, is the hallmark of the growth mindset.  This is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives” (Dweck 7).

  • What are your thoughts regarding these definitions?  
  • Are the definitions accurate?  
  • How do they apply to your attitude and approach within the academic realm?


  1. 1. After watching Mr. Fisch's power point, the two main ideas that really stood out to me was the fact that there are 34 babies born every 8 seconds. This fact really stood out to me because it made me think, what condition are these babies in, how are they going to be raised, etc. The second point that really stood out to me was the fact there is so many different types and forms of poverty all around the world, that if you have a roof over your head and have food and clothes, you are considered rich compared to other people. That fact made me think this way because, I am now very thankful for what I have, and even though it isn't as good as what other people have, there are people that wish they could have something special to them.
    After watching this video, it made me wonder, Where am I placed in this world compared to the other children my age? This was very hard for me because I don't know where I place. And the data from this video made me feel like I was spoiled. After watching Mr. Fisch's power point, I feel really grateful for what I have in my life.
    2. After watching the bike video in class, my perspective on perseverance, and potential changed. How it changed was that this man can do tricks I have never seen before, and he was so determined, that if he messed up, he wasn't going to give up, he is going to get right back on his bike and do it till he can get it right. And this makes me want to work harder in the classroom and in sports.
    3. -My thoughts on these definitions where that a fixed mindset is the way you want to accomplish a goal. A Growth mindset is believing that you will accomplish that goal.
    -I think these definitions are pretty accurate, because I have experienced and fixed and growth mindset.
    -How these definitions apply to my attitude and approach within school, is that you need to have a good mindset in order to do what you and your teacher want for yourself. And in order to do that, you need to believe you can, and do it.

  2. After watching Mr. Fisch’s “Did you know/Shift Happens” there were many things that surprised me. Some of them were, that only one person controls half of the money, only 12 out of 100 would have a computer, and only 7 out of 100 would be able to access the internet. Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes" made me think of perseverance, hard work, and potential, because To get to the level he is at he would have to go through the pain of failing over and over again to get each trick perfect. He would have to go through the people telling him he couldn’t do it and the victory of proving them wrong. He would have to have the dedication to stick with each trick to perfect it. I can compare and relate this to my own life by sticking with my sports and my school work so I can perfect it and persevere through the good and the bad.

    In the TED talk with Carol Dweck, The way she defines fixed and growth mindsets is different than what I have heard before. She explains it in a way that a growth mindset is praise over your effort unlike a fixed mindset which is when you receive praise over success. I think these definitions are correct and accurate because they explain how the growth mindset and the fixed mind set all depend on the praise you receive and the praise you give yourself. This applies to my attitude in my academics because it gives me a different perspective on how I approach every homework assignment and test. All in all, these three videos gave me a new perspective that I will carry out into this school year and beyond.

  3. 1) After watching Did you know and shift happens. I was very supersized about the amount of people who us technology over the years. And if we didn't have technology i don't think we would know the things we know with out computers. And watching the bike video made me think that if i don't succeed at something i could try it again and again until i sussed. in the ted talk with Carol Dweck she explains that the growth of your mind set is all on you. 3) My thought on these definitions made me fix my mindsets to be better

  4. 1) After watching "Did you know/Shift happens" what stood out to me is how many people use technology and how many don't use technology. What also stood out to me is that China and India has more educated kids than all the kids in America. It made me think about how the world is going to be in the future. It also made me wonder in the future is that everybody going to have a normal life and if everybody going to respect each other. This video also made me feel that I am very fortunate to be where I am today and I am also fortunate to have everything that I need.
    2) After watching the Bike video in class, I saw the hard work that the guy was doing trying not to fall of the bike. If he messed up, he would go back on the bike and try it again and do it again until he got the trick right. His hard work makes me want to be better in the classroom and outside of school like in my house and even outside of my house.
    3) My thoughts on these videos are that they changed the way I think about the world and how everybody is so determined to do what they want. It changed the way I think and I want to be better in the things that I do

  5. After watching Mr. Fisch’s video “Did you know/shift happens” many things surprised me. One thing that really surprised me was that was only one person controlled 50% of the money. Also some other things are that only 75 people have mobile. One question I had was why would there be more Asians then whites. Danny Macaskill’s “Inspired Bikes” made me realize that nothing is impossible. It was unbelievable some of the things he did. It also taught me that if you keep on trying and practicing you can do whatever you put your mind to. I can apply this to my life because if things ever get rough at school or with my family or friends as long as I never give up and keep on trying things will eventually go back to normal.
    My thoughts on fixed and growth mindsets are that never heard someone say it in that perspective. Growth mindsets she described were basically my qualities that I get to control if I want to grow in them. Fixed mindsets is how I choose to live my life.

  6. Some of the data in Shift Happens is more disturbing than others. It shows how unbalanced the world is, and how good our life is. It shows that just because we have our own problems, they generally aren’t as bad as the ones that others have. This data shows that charity is a good thing (unless the people running it are taking most of the money for themselves), and that people, especially the one percent with fifty percent of the money in the world, should donate and help people who aren’t in as good of place as them.
    Inspired Bikes shows that anything is possible. It shows that people can get anywhere they want, and do whatever they want. Since he probably couldn’t do that on his first try, and he probably couldn’t even ride on his first try, it shows that he came a long ways from when he still had training wheels.
    I agree with the definitions, but think that fixed mindset probably won’t get to where they think they are going with having a little growth mindset, and the ability to learn. I think that the fixed mindset thinks that it can never get anywhere, and can never change. I believe that the definitions are accurate, although they may not be strong enough. In the academic realm, having a fixed mindset means that the score you get on the pretest and the final should be the same while a growth mindset should have a better final score.

  7. 1)all of the facts and information that I learned in that power point interested me and it all stood out to me but I guess if I had to choose only two that stood out to me the most of all would probably have to be that it makes me wonder where he got all of this research and facts that he put in because hearing that like alot of the percent of the world doesn't have stuff such as food and shelter and i was thinking is that real live facts in the real world because that makes me sick when I look at someone that has less then me because it makes me feel sad and bad for all of them. The second is that 34 babies are born every 8 seconds so that is about 4 babies are born a second and that's makes me feel scared because what if 1/4 babies doesn't get food or shelter it just makes me sick to think of that kind of stuff.
    2)I think it means that if you are doing something or doing something new that you shouldn't give up when it gets difficult that should just open your eyes and tell yourself that that just means you have to work harder and harder at it.And if you are trying something new no one exspects you to get it first try because that would mean your perfect and nobody and nothing is perfect. So what Im trying to say is work at it and practice.
    3) A fixed mindset to me is that you try to accomplish a goal and a growth mindset is that you practice and believe that you will accomplish your goal.

  8. After watching Mr. Fisch Shift Happens, the thing that stood out to me is how much our world is beginning to revolve around technology and how much we take it for granted each and every day. However this makes me wonder what the world will be like in twenty years and how we see technology. For me, I personally believe that technology will be much different than it is today, and I am ok with that. Reason being is that we are in the age of technology helping people and making our lives and other lives better. If our technology is evolving now I can only imagine how we will be helping people with it in the years to follow. However this data impacts me because it shows the world just how many people rely on their phones and technology for everyday things and how we almost can’t live without their phones. Never the less I believe the good will weigh out the bad and world will be a better place with new technology and people changing the world one day at a time.

    What I took away from Danny Macaskill's, Inspired Bikes was to keep trying no matter what is, and no matter how hard it may seem. Furthermore I also took away was how in life sometimes you have to try things that may seem scary in order to succeed. I can relate this to my life because I too had many things in my life that seemed both scary and daunting, however just like Danny I didn’t give up and continued to give it my best even the task seemed impossible.

    Lastly what I what I took away from Carol Dweck’s writings were how even when we are faced with challenges we can either take the challenging head on and say “I can do this.” Or we can accept defeat and just give up without learning, or trying anything new. The growth mindset Dweck has laid out before us is spot on saying that, “The passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, even (or especially) when it’s not going well, is the hallmark of the growth mindset. This is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives.” Dweck is correct because, I know that sometimes I don’t want to learn or try anything new. However after I try it, it gives me a whole new perspective to the world and what I learned. In conclusion, I know that with a growth mindset applied to everyday activities I can not only enjoy learning more. But also apply it to my everyday life and help someone else see how they can use a growth mindset every day.

  9. 1) After watching "Shift Happens" I wasn't really sure what the creator wanted me to feel. To me, personally, it felt pretty messy. Not that it wasn't a quality product, but I didn't understand what the purpose of the facts were. This felt like a lot of random statistics that didn't really have a place together. I felt like education rates, technology use, and poverty, were all interesting topics, but the creator didn't correlate the connections between them very well. I did learn a bit about English education rates which was cool to know about. My personal demographic means that I don't get impacted by things that were mentioned in these videos as much as others, but I still would like to support growing nations with their struggles which were also highlighted in this piece.

    2) The "Inspired Bikes" was a really cool showcase of how much hard work can pay off. However, to be more inspiring I think it would have been cool if they had shown some of Danny's hardships and struggles along the way. Showing the result of hardship and how it shapes a person is a really cool way to understand their struggles and just how hard is was for them to succeed. However, showing just the final product makes you appreciate their struggle less.

    3) A fixed mindset is a property of a person that thinks everything they can currently do, no matter how lack luster or phenomenal, is as good as they will ever be. A growth mindset is characteristic of a person that wants to always be better than they were the day before.

  10. 1)I really liked Mr. Fisch's “Did you know/shift happens” for a few reasons. One being that it was really well made and very interesting. The other reason i really liked it is because it made me really think about the world, how i see it and how it really is. I found it really interesting how there are more honor kids in india then there are kids in america. It also kind of make me sad to think of how many people do have nice things or even food, water, or shelter like a lot of us. Overall it really made me think about the things we take for granted, and how fortunate we really are.
    2)Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes" really reshaped the way i think about hard work and perseverance. He did that by showing how he always wanted to do big things like his bike tricks and so he worked at it and now he is very good at what he does. I thought it was really cool watching the videos of him doing bike tricks. I also thought it was really cool how he basically told his story through the red bull video. I found it very inspiring how he went from playing and pretending to do bike tricks to now making money off of it and getting sponsorships. What i look away from this is to always work and and soon enough it will pay off.
    3)I really liked the definition for fixed mind set. How it says “The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life. It can determine whether you become the person you want to be and whether you accomplish the things you value. I like it because it's true you are the only one who can determine how your life is going to go. Whether you're going to make it good or make it bad. I also really like what growth mindset and how it says basically your belief that you can do something you or work hard for something it will pay off. I do think that the definitions are accurate, and they apply to our academics because only you can decide whether it's going to be a good school year and if you're going to work hard to get good grades.

  11. 1. After watching Mr. Fisch's "Did you know/Shift happens" the ideas that stood out to me were that if you have food, clothes, water and a roof over your head you are richer than 75% of the worlds population. This idea stood out to me because most people don't even have a second thought about what it would be like not having all of those things. The other one that interested me was that one person controls half of the money. This makes you think how little everybody else has.
    2. After watching "Inspired Bikes", it made me realize that the more perseverance you have and the harder you work, will get you further in life. It also made me want to do more of the activities that I enjoy doing. I could apply what I saw in the video in my life by working hard in and out of the classroom.
    3. I feel that having a Fixed Mindset is thinking what you can do but, if you don't think you can do it you don't try. That you are very stubborn in the way that you won't change your thinking. I feel like if you have a growth mindset, you don't really know if you can do it, but you will give it a go anyway. I think that I have both a fixed mindset and a growth mindset depending on what I am asked to do.

  12. After seeing Mr. Fisch’s Shift Happens presentation, I thought a little bit more about what was happening elsewhere in the world in the same time frame as I am doing other things. The idea that we as a society continually don’t keep our jobs as long. This data could make me more prone to be grateful for the smaller things in my life. These things that I could be more grateful for include texting, Google, and that I live in a well developed country. I had heard the concept that technology is doubling every 2 years, but I hadn’t heard the $1,000 computer fact before. This made me think about how the prices of other technology such as tablets are going down, and how this affects the economy. Danny Macaskill’s Inspired Bikes made me think about the American dream and how we have the opportunity to do what we love for a living if we work hard enough. I can apply this concept to my own life by remembering how advantageous of an opportunity I have in my life that if I want to achieve any of my goals in life, hard work is mandatory. This definition of a fixed mindset sounds like something a lot of people in the world around us have. I would say this definition is only partially accurate. It is accurate in that it says having a fixed mindset is a simple belief that can and will change a lot in your life. It could be considered incorrect in that it doesn’t talk about the unwillingness to consider other ideas than the ones already held true. As far as academics go, a good student shouldn’t have a closed mindset when coming into contact with others shared beliefs and feelings about a certain subject. I think this definition of having a growth mindset can shed some light on the topic of how to better overcome the challenges in our lives. I feel that this definition is very accurate. It adds upon the basic concept of just being open to opinions or viewpoints differing from your own. You will struggle in your school career. It’s a fact everyone knows, and most accept. This standard of keeping a growth mindset is a highly beneficial way to benefit from the trials you go through on a daily basis. All of these sources provide an informative example of how to best enhance one’s personal learning environment by small lifestyle changes that will continue to be useful skills throughout life.

  13. 1: I think Mr. Fisch’s Did you Know videos I noticed that it covered a large range of topics from social media to english speaking countries. These videos show how large digital technology has come, and how it has and will continue to grow. They discussed education, and some of the issues that affect schools around the country. This data shows you how large the physical and digital world is. This data is valuable for our futures because it shows how more jobs will move towards technology.
    2: Danny Macaskill’s “Inspired BIkes” showed a great deal about perseverance and hard work. To be able to do some of the things he could do would take years of practice and training. The hard work required for this easily translates to anyone’s life. It shows people that hard work will allow you to do unbelievable things.
    3: I think these definitions speak very truly. Someone with a fixed mindset will only be able to do what they’ve always been able to do, while someone with a growth mindset knows that they can do more and can learn more. Both definitions are accurate in describe growth and fixed mindsets. These mindsets apply to everyone at Arapahoe or any other school. In order to become better you must believe you can become better. Simply put, if you do not try, you cannot succeed.

  14. 1. From Mr. Fish’s powerpoint, there was many points that made me think about what's happening in the world right now, lowered by millions into a 100 people. It really made me think of the world in a new perspective. A fact that surprised me the most is that only 1 of the 100 would have an education, because this is all percentages and it seems like only 1% of the people in the world have an education, which scares me but also makes me grateful for the things I get. Another fact was that a lot of the people were christian, and it just shows how many people are christian in the world, if you think about it in a bigger picture. It just really shocks me to see the world in this way, and not in my little bubble.
    2. He really taught me to save the mistakes, and then use them to make the best right move and get it perfect. Basically learn from your mistakes, and try better. Because when we saw him mess up on a insane trick, he went back a couple steps and tried harder and harder to perfect that move, and come back to it later, and make it work and perfect. I can apply this to school because maybe I didn't get a good grade on a essay, and then I go back threw it and read what I did wrong and try harder to get it right.
    3. - When reading these definitions, I really have to think to myself who do these belong to, and why. What makes people the way they are are because of these and how they grew up. It really makes me see people in a different way.
    -I think that there accurate because they really show people how they think and why they think that way. But it could be totally false because people may think outside of the box in different subjects or activities and be a completely different person. Not just one definition makes a person and how they act around others and work places. I think that we all think differently making a well rounded environment.
    -I think within the academic realm it's pretty spot on, about how I work, and how I think. Personally I think i'm both because I just think about everything and everyone around me. I think some of the people at Arapahoe are the same way because people think differently. Both of them suit me very well when it comes to my academic standers during class.


  15. What idea that really stood out to me in Mr. Fisch’s “Did you Know/Shift Happens” powerpoint was how technology has grown and how it will continue to grow. A specific fact said that in possibly 40-50 some years, there will be an a thousand dollar computer that can exceed the abilities of the human mind. This makes me feel sad and nervous about the world we live in. I fear that in the future as technology grows, people will stop talking as much and just turn to technology which isn’t right at all. I don’t like the futuristic vibe of this fact because it doesn’t seem possible or real and makes me worried for the future and how technology will affect me and a lot of other people.
    Danny Macaskill's “Inspired Bikes”, was really inspiring to me. The video started with Danny doing relatively simple things and even falling a few times. As he kept practicing and getting up when he fell, it inspired me. Danny kept pushing even when I’m sure it was really hard and got greatly awarded for it. He is now relatively famous, has a sponsor, and gets to tour the world biking and adventuring. He showed that a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance can truly get you far in life.
    My thoughts on reading these mindset paragraphs are that I agree with both of them. Growth mindsets allow people to continually struggle and therefore get better. Fixed mindsets almost restrict you from challenging yourself and just settling for mediocre.
    These definitions are accurate. One thing I do think though is that sometimes people can be a mix of both mindsets instead of strictly one or the other.
    Your mindset applies to your attitude and approach in the academic realm because having a growth mindset allows you to branch out, to grow, to get better though you may fail at times, and ultimately get more out of your learning. Having a fixed mindset though holds you back and you may say things like “good enough” instead of how can this be better. Being fixed I interpret as set and not changing. Not changing means not growing so therefore you don’t grow and learn as much if you have a fixed mindset.

  16. 1.
    After viewing Mr. Fisch’s DId You Know/Shift Happens powerpoint, the idea that struck me the most about the facts presented had to have been the use of technology in the United States. 70% of all four-year-olds nationwide have already used a phone, tablet, or some sort of device, and that struck me as both a good and a bad thing. It’s amazing how much our society has developed, but what will be the effects of it? Will it be our downfall, as a race?

    This makes me think about the world and my place in it because I use technology (computer, phone, etc.) daily for multiple hours. I’m just as bad as those four-year-olds out there still using their iPods and tablets to play games, learn, and more. This impacted me in a way I’d never thought of before; it got me thinking, for one of the first times in my 14 years of living, that technology could lead up to or be a really bad thing. It could beat climate change and all of the other bad actions we’ve done to the planet, winning the game we made between us and technical use in this generation.

    Danny Macaskill’s videos taught me a lot about hard work and the potential everyone, including myself, has. He worked extremely hard to get where he is now, and I’ll bet he is still working to perfect things I couldn’t even imagine. He had a lot of potential, and he put it towards his bike activities. He showed everyone that he was good at this, and he can get even better.

    I can apply this to my own life in the way he used what he had to get much better at bike tricks. He used his potential and grew as a bike performer, and in the same way I can use the potential in me and grow as a learner, speaker, drawer, and so much more. If I persevere through hard tasks, then I know I’ve grown and surpassed my previous knowledge. If you’re able to see improvement in yourself and what you can do, then you know you’ve worked hard to get there by believing in yourself and your abilities.

    Bullet #1:
    My main thought about a fixed mindset is that someone with this might not progress or grow as much as someone with a growth mindset, because someone wanting to grow and keep getting better might become stronger and smarter than someone who thinks that what they can do now is the best they can do for their entire lives.

    Bullet #2:
    I would say these definitions are accurate because the growth mindset states, “This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts.” which states that you can improve if you have the willpower to. And the fixed mindset is accurate because it states, “believing that your qualities are carved in stone . . . creates an urgency to prove yourself over and over” which means that you believe you’ll only be this good at something for your whole entire life, and you’ll keep wanting to prove you are that good over and over rather than improving at that skill.

    Bullet #3:
    Fixed mindset and growth mindset apply to my attitude and approach towards my academic realm because if I believe that I can only be this good at something forever (fixed mindset) then there is no room for me to grow as a reader, writer, or learner of any kind. But if I believe that I can get better at annotating, thinking and picking out the main ideas of a book I’ve just read, and more, then that gives me room develop as a thinker and a learner.

  17. 1) Mr. Fisch's powerpoint puts a new view on everything in the world. From politics of other countries to the health situations that they are in. Another thing that is important to the videos is the tone of the music of the videos. If the music is happy then the tone of the total of the video should be happier than one with a sad melodic tone to it. Another thing about the videos we're that it talked about good things and sad things. It talked about how people we're dying everywhere in the world constantly, but people we're also being born. It talks about education and how India has more Honors Students than we have students. There is a lot of facts that are just stated about the world that makes it a more interesting place after watching the video.
    2) Danny Macaskill's video was very cool. It wasn't the most inspiring thing to me though. The only thing that I really got out of it was that you should never give up. When he got his bike stuck in the fence he just got it out checked it to make sure it was safe and then to try again. His Red bull collaboration video was pretty cool mainly because of how he was the cyclist "being controlled" by a kid.
    3)I agree with these definitions completely. There is a part in each definition that really defines it though. For the fixed mindset when it mentions that people are set in stone towards the stone. That is the main highlight of a fixed mindset. A growth mindset focuses on growth and how you don't know everything yet and that is a good thing. It focuses about how you are supposed to grow and learn more and build upon your original foundations. So saying this the definitions are true and I do believe them. Then you "not yet". This really helps with these definitions because it doesn't tell students that they are making no progress it is telling the students that they are making progress on they way to accomplish their goals.


  18. 1. After watching Mr. Fisch’s video, multiple things stood out to me, for example. There was one person out of 100, who had the most money, and controlled it for the most part. It didn't make sense why only one person out of 100 controlled most money, and was known to be the richest. It stood out because out of 100 people, I figured for the most part things would be even. Also another thing that stood out was the percentage of people was higher for asians, i didn't get the reasoning of that. This data from the video, made me realize i take a lot for granted, and i should really just be thankful and appreciative. 2. Watching the bike videos in class helped me to understand, and to know perseverance a lot better. Danny would fail trying to accomplish a trick but that never mattered to him, also never stopped him. I can apply this to my own life because This impacted me to have more persevere on the field or have this much determination outside of school and in. 3. These definitions to me are saying you can't accomplish a goal without believing. The effort you put out is what you receive. I believe this mindset can be very truthful as well with helpful. These mind sets go along with school and my attitude, because all mindsets affect my attitude. In school if i want to succeed in order to do that i need to believe in myself to accomplish that.

  19. When I saw Mr. Fisch's presentation it really resonated with me because I always hear how lucky I am to have all these amenities and privileges that others don't have access to. For example 13% of the world don't have access to fresh/running water. Or simple things that I take for granted like being able to read and write but 14% can't read and write. The other thing that made the video so intriguing was that the slides moved so quickly that it overwhelms you with all the significant pieces of information.
    Seeing Danny Macaskill's "Inspired bikes" showed me that you can do anything you put your mind to and be successful as long as you try as hard as you can and truly make it your goal in life. For example he is making a living by doing what he loves to do and is his passion instead of for example taking the traditional path to college and working under a firm or in a cubicle. I could apply this to every element of my life like school to persevere and put all my effort into it so that I can see what I can truly achieve.
    I think that those definitions can be applied to specific people. For example I'm sure we've all heard someone say "I'm not smart enough" or "I'm too slow", I believe at that moment you aren't as smart or fast but you can always improve your scores by outworking everyone. I believe that the definitions are accurate because people that can grow and learn will pass the kids that rely solely on ability or talent.
    This makes me realize that I have to try harder and apply this to every part of my academic career and engage myself in every activity and try to better myself to improve. I think this would greatly improve my academic improvement and growth because my focus would be on growth and not grades.

  20. After watching Mr. Fisch's Powerpoint, "Did you Know/Shift Happens,” I was astonished at some of the unbelievable facts that were apart of the world. Some facts that really stuck and affected me consisted of how the number of text messages sent and received exceeds the population of the world, how four babies are born every second, how only 7/100 people have graduated college, and how 1/3 of the population does not have safe water. After watching this video, this shocking information made me want to do something to help the world. This video motivated has explained to me what is going on in the rest of this world, and motivated me to attempt to help change some of those horrible facts. I have realized that times are changing, and we need to figure out how we are going to adapt to the rapid advancements and changes and handle the world.
    I also watched and learned from Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes" video. Watching this person make unbelieveable bike tricks in simple places look easy inspired me and teached me a lesson about what you can accomplish if you work for it and don’t give up. One thought kept recurring through my head while watching this video and that was, how many times did he have to fail and hurt in order to perfect his tricks. Many of those tricks you would think are impossible, but watched as the impossible was done by Danny Macaskill. I can apply this lesson to my life by understanding that with hard work, perseverance, dedication, and never giving up, you can accomplish anything.
    While reading the definition of a fixed mindset, my thoughts are plain and unpleasant as in my opinion, this mindset seems like a much worse type of mindset, as you can’t adapt or believe that you can grow or get better, as you must follow a certain belief. However, while reading the definition of growth mindset, my thoughts were much more agreeing and understanding, because I think that this mindset more descibes me and makes more sense to use this mindset as a learner, or in any occupation. The definitions do seem accurate, however this may be biased, I think that the fixed mindset was given too much credit to how it can benefit you. WIthin the academic realm, I believe that a growth mindset would help more because you can adapt, have faith in yourself to do better, and be a better learner as long as you put in effort. A fixed mindset causes you to believe that you can’t change your qualities, which can change your point of view on many topics, and not give you a lot of hope to be better. This can result in a bad attitude and approach in the academic realm.

  21. 1. In Mr. Fisch's "Shift Happens" video some ideas that shocked me was that there are 3000 books published each day. This shocked me because you never think of how many writers there are out there for there to be 3000 books published each day. What else shocked me was what the sentence, "The computer in your cell phone today is a million times cheaper and a thousand times more powerful and about a hundred thousand times smaller." This really stood out to me because in 40 years we're able to accomplish so much in this span of time. A lot of the things mention in the video effect not only me, but plenty other people too. The more technologically advance we get, the better it is for everyone.
    2. Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes" made me think about how much perseverance and hard work can pay off. I 'm sure that Macaskills practices almost every day improving his skills so that he can be better. On his way to being well known, there were probably bumps in the road but it is clear that he overcame them and was able to reach and get where he is today. This can relate to my life because if I want to be big I need to put in the work that comes with it, nobody became a star overnight.
    3. I think the definitions fit what you would think of when you think of that mindset, a fixed one you stay fixed in one spot and a growth lets you grow. I think that they are accurate because they describe two different ways of thinking that could be matched up to people everywhere. They apply to your attitude academically in a way that lets you succeed or stay where you currently are. If you have a fixed mindset you see problems in one way, in the now. If you have a growth mindset you see past the now and into your future where this roadblock can help you.

  22. 1. After watching Did you Know/Shift Happens, what struck me the most was the fact that in America, we are advancing technologically so incredibly quickly, yet many people don't even have access to computers. There are lots of countries around the world where you would be considered lucky to have a computer, but it is simply assumed that you have a computer in America. This makes me think that I need to be grateful to have access to all these resources, because some don't.

    2.Danny Macaskill's "Inspired Bikes" has taught me that if you have a goal that you want to achieve, and you work hard at it, you can achieve it. Danny Macaskill didn't even know how to ride a bike at some point in his life, but now he can do amazing tricks with his bike, and is even sponsored by Red Bull. He had to work hard to get where he is at, but now he is there. I can apply this to myself. I can achieve my dreams and my goals, as long as I continue to work hard for them.

    3a. These definitions make me think about how important it is to go into things with an open mindset.
    3b. I would say that these definitions are accurate. They express how necessary it is to have the right mindset.
    3c. These definitions can apply to both me and my education. I need to go into things that I may not like with a good, open mindset, with the belief that I will be able to grow. With this, I can see the better side of things, and have a better opportunity to grow.

  23. After watching Mr. Fisch's presentation there were many things that I found to be interesting. I thought that the facts that showed how little of the one hundred people are able to do things that we are able to do every day and don't even have to think about it. An example of this is how barely any people have access to running water or graduate middle school. It shows us how fortunate we are to have the opertunities and privileges we do. Another thing that I thought about was that if the world were actually 100 people, people would be way more motivated to make a change and help eachother out because with such a small number it wouldn't seem so impossible.

    In my opinion the definition posted of a growth mindset seemed very accurate to the way I think of it. To me, having a growth mindset is one where you are always taking opertunities, you are open to new ideas, and push yourself to do better. A growth mindset allows for more advancement as a person and learner which can lead to a much more successful life. A fixed mindset is basically the opposite. Somebody who has a fixed mindset is typically one who isn't open to new ideas, stubborn, relies on them self more than others, and believes that they are the ones who control their fate and their future is in their hands. I would say that Dweck's definition fits this pretty well although it tends to focus on the idea of how somebody with a fixed mindset is someone who is not open to change. The definition being rather short did not leave a lot of room for much else which made me feel as if it had missed out on many more details. I think that when writing this, Dweck's could have included more information on the characteristics of someone who has developed a fixed mindset other than how they are basically somewhat stubborn when it comes to learning.